Advertising Agency in 1905


How did an advertising agency look like and operate in the early 1900’s? I’ve found the answer. This wonderful book was published in 1905 and scanned by the Duke University library. It’s a self-promotional publication titled “Good Advertising and Where It Is Made”. Did you know that back in the 1900’s a secretary would have to register your visiting card in a guest book?

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My New Book!

Book D.WagnerIt’s time to share great news… “My Digital Journey” book  has been officially released! My first book, titled “The Best Photo Cards,” was devoted to projects created by the best designers in the greeting card industry. This is my second book, which became my solo project.  It’s a full-color catalog that showcases my seventy favorite cards (some of them you could see in this blog).

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Self-Promo Kits: 14 Ideas

3715466_mWhy some self-promo campaigns can be very successful, while others can be simply ignored? I think one of the keys to a well-planned promotion is offering giveaways that are useful and memorable. Of course, you should be realistic about how much you can afford to spend. However, some interesting ideas may fit into a very small budget. Below you will see 14 great examples of inspiring promo gifts that designers send to their clients and agents. Each of these projects grabs attention and has a clear brand message. Have your own ideas? Be sure to post them in comments! 

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