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Nook & Kindle“The Best Photo Cards” eBook is now available for Nook and Kindle! A new simplified layout (which has been designed specifically for these two eReaders) makes the book easy to browse. “The Best Photo Cards” eBook is available for various devices and can be purchased worldwide in 32 countries.

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In the Mood for Romance…


Sure, you could send an ordinary text message or just an email… However, the traditional way of sending paper cards is still in fashion. A vivid color palette of eye-catching red, elegant purple and coquettish pink creates a romantic feel.  Just write a sweet sentiment or a short poem on a card, and this special love note will become a unique memorabilia for those you cherish.

These Valentine’s Day cards are available in various colors and can be purchased from Ink Cards  (available for iPhone, iPad or iPod). Happy Valentine’s Day!

Proudly Announcing the Release of New eBook!

Thank you to all designers who have submitted their cards for “The Best Photo Cards” eBook.  All the photo cards you see in this publication are the result of brainstorming and hard work of many design professionals. Fifty five companies and design studios from 10 different countries present their best projects. They are true devotees of graphic design, and for many of them this is the way to make our world better.

This is the first ever publication exclusively about photo greeting cards.  Ten chapters are devoted to holiday cards, birthday and graduation invitations, birth announcements, wedding stationery, etc. The book also features a list of useful web resources for stationery designers and licensers.

“The Best Photo Cards” eBook is available on the Apple® iBookstore and Blurb for US $9.99 (accessible via Apple’s iTunes or iBooks app). To see the preview (30 pages out of 72), click here.

The Kindle® (Amazon), NOOK® (Barnes & Noble) & Kobo versions will be available by November/December 2012. The PDF version of this book will also be available for purchase.

Uncommon Treasures: Vintage Photo Cards

What is a photo card? A typical answer would be “It’s a greeting card or a postcard with embedded photos of family members or friends.” This is true, however, each photo card is also a design project which reflects a style of the epoch in which it was created.  A photo card may become a family memorabilia or a collectable. Thus, it is not just a stationery product, but rather a way to preserve family history.

The first photo cards became popular more than one hundred years ago, along with the development of photography. Since the mid-nineteenth century, photo studios in Europe and North America have been offering their clients mailable photos in a lithograph printed and hand colored paper frames. Such framed photos quickly became popular.

However, the official history of photo cards started with the so called “cartes de visite,” – miniature photo portraits which were used as calling cards. At approximately 2 ½ x 4 inches in size, they could fit in any envelope and caused the collecting obsession during the 1860s, which became known as Cartomania. People collected photos of celebrities and views of favorite places and sites. Sometimes cards were mailed to celebrities printed on them in the hope to receive them back signed. If a card was returned, it would be placed in a special album.

In 1903 Kodak introduced a new camera, designed for postcard-size film, which allowed the general public to take photographs and have them printed on postcard backs. This was the beginning of the custom photo cards era. Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day photo greeting cards were printed in black & white, and then colored with aniline dyes. Many photo studios developed their own design templates which allowed embedding customers’ photos.

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6 Holiday Cards For Stationery Devotees continues updating stylish collections of holiday cards. This year I’ve created 6 retro inspired designs for those customers who admire vintage style stationery. What does make holidays happy? Cooking, shopping, decorating and, of course, sending cards and gifts to our loved ones…