Hand Painted Catalog of Renaissance Jewelry (1552)


Last year I wrote a post about the history of catalogs. Today I’ve found a really amazing book at the World Digital Library. This unique manuscript is an inventory of the jewelry owned by Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria and his wife, Duchess Anna. The book contains 110 magnificent drawings by the Munich court painter Hans Mielich. It’s a great source of inspiration for modern artists and jewelry makers.

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My New Book!

Book D.WagnerIt’s time to share great news… “My Digital Journey” book  has been officially released! My first book, titled “The Best Photo Cards,” was devoted to projects created by the best designers in the greeting card industry. This is my second book, which became my solo project.  It’s a full-color catalog that showcases my seventy favorite cards (some of them you could see in this blog).

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Modern Bookplates


A bookplate, also known as “Ex Libris” (Latin, “from the books of…”), is a small decorative label, bearing the owner’s name. Bookplates were usually pasted on the inside front cover of a book. Today this charming tradition became popular again. Stamps, stickers or even electronic bookplates add a classic luxury touch to any book or a journal.

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