My New Book!

Book D.WagnerIt’s time to share great news… “My Digital Journey” book  has been officially released! My first book, titled “The Best Photo Cards,” was devoted to projects created by the best designers in the greeting card industry. This is my second book, which became my solo project.  It’s a full-color catalog that showcases my seventy favorite cards (some of them you could see in this blog).

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In the Mood for Romance…


Sure, you could send an ordinary text message or just an email… However, the traditional way of sending paper cards is still in fashion. A vivid color palette of eye-catching red, elegant purple and coquettish pink creates a romantic feel.  Just write a sweet sentiment or a short poem on a card, and this special love note will become a unique memorabilia for those you cherish.

These Valentine’s Day cards are available in various colors and can be purchased from Ink Cards  (available for iPhone, iPad or iPod). Happy Valentine’s Day!