Self-Promo Kits: 14 Ideas

3715466_mWhy some self-promo campaigns can be very successful, while others can be simply ignored? I think one of the keys to a well-planned promotion is offering giveaways that are useful and memorable. Of course, you should be realistic about how much you can afford to spend. However, some interesting ideas may fit into a very small budget. Below you will see 14 great examples of inspiring promo gifts that designers send to their clients and agents. Each of these projects grabs attention and has a clear brand message. Have your own ideas? Be sure to post them in comments! 

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Google Inspires Designers and Artists

These five Google services are in my bookmarks list. I think each of them is a great source of inspiration and knowledge…

1. Google Art Project // The world’s cultural treasures online 

Google Art Project

Museums from over 40 countries have contributed more than 40,000 high-resolution images of artworks. Some images are available in “gigapixel” format, allowing you to zoom in to examine incredible detail. You can take virtual tours, create your own gallery and share your favorite masterpieces via social media.   

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Print Design Becomes Interactive

The battle Print vs. Digital is not over yet…  Within the last few years print design is going through its own revolution. New technologies in combination with designers’ creativity can make print ads and stationery more playable, useful and memorable.


1. How about turning a piece of cardboard into a constantly changing Polaroid picture? Heat-sensitive business cards by Austrian design studio Bureau Rabensteiner are just amazing.  Printed with thermo-sensitive ink, each business card allows people to literally leave their marks on it, using fingers, lips or basically anything warm.

Heat-Sensitive Business Cards

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