Modern Kimono Patterns

JG Behance

In recent years, less and less people have been wearing kimonos, and this has been having a great impact on the kimono industry, and society’s understanding and appreciation of the culture intertwined and embodied in the traditional Japanese garment. As a result, the trade has been facing a crisis, with related craftsmanship and special techniques which have been passed down through previous generations, slowly being lost and forgotten…

High-Tech Heritage 1

Hundreds of years ago, people designed patterns based on what they saw every day – flowers, trees or birds. What are we surrounded by today? Smartphones, TV and social media. Traveling around the world now takes only a few hours. Is it possible to design a new modern pattern based on high-tech symbols while following old Japanese design traditions? Definitely, yes! The Wi-Fi icon reminds an element of the ancient Japanese pattern named “Wave”, and the location pin looks like a hydrangea petal (one of the most popular flowers in Japanese culture).

High-Tech Heritage 5

These three patterns have been designed for the “Dare to Dream” design competition, organized within Tokyo Designers Week (October 25th – November 3rd, 2014). The project is in the shortlist of the competition, and will be presented in the TDW Dome (Tokyo, JAPAN).

High-Tech Heritage 6-1