Augmented Reality Concepts

What is the Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that layers virtual objects on top of the existing environment in real time. All these graphics can be manually moved in space with a finger. Augmented Reality may also include sounds, video, or animation.

What is the purpose of this case study?
This project consists of five different interactive experience concepts. The purpose is to show how AR may establish an emotional connection between product values and consumers’ needs.

How does it work?
Marker-based augmented reality (also called Image Recognition) uses a camera and some type of visual markers, such as a QR/2D code, to produce a result only when the marker is sensed by a reader. Using a wine brand as an example is the best way to show how marker-based AR may create an interactive environment between buyers and sellers.

How may it help marketers and retailers?
Capturing the millennial market is a big challenge for many companies and brands. Augmented Reality allows retailers to offer a personal, engaging and interactive journey for buyers that helps to create a loyal customer base.


Concept 1   History of a Brand

  • Interesting facts
  • Historical heritage
  • Awards and certificates


Concept 2   Geography of a Brand

  • Vineyard locations
  • Cultural traditions
  • Topography and climate


Concept 3   Wine Making Technologies

  • Grape varieties
  • Sustainable production
  • Collecting and storing wine


Concept 4   Recommendations from Chefs and Sommeliers

  • Serving and handling wine
  • Tasting guidelines
  • Wine and food pairing


Concept 5   Aromas and Flavors

  • Wine bouquets
  • Primary and secondary flavors
  • Tertiary (aged) aromas and flavors

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