Self-Marketing: Print Portfolios

22333105_mNever underestimate the importance of a print portfolio. Whether you are hoping to impress a potential client or looking for a new job, a well-crafted portfolio is a must. It shows what you are capable of, what skills you can offer and how you generate new ideas.

A good portfolio is never finished. Sometimes it can be necessary to replace old projects with newer or better ones. That’s why some designers prefer to order postcard sets instead of bound books.  In this case, all updates and improvements can be done much easier and cheaper. However, you may always try something different. Fell free to experiment with your folio until it becomes a great representation of your craft skills , expertise and talent. Below you may see ten examples of printed portfolios that are truly unique and elegant.


Nathan Hinz // USA


Lundgren Lindqvist // Sweden


Robert Henry // USA


Vidar Olufsen // Norway


Irenépolis // Spain


Natalia Ultremari // Canada


Stefania Capellupo // Italy


Dave Edwards // USA


Wickana Laksmi Dewi // Indonesia


Joyce Assaf // Canada

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