Paper Project: Wine Advertisement


Within the last few years, over 120,000 artists, design studios, professional associations and universities from 180 countries participated in the Francisco Mantecón Competition. This advertisement was created for the contest and the 2013 Annual Poster Exhibition, organized by the Spanish winery Terras Gauda.



Francisco Mantecón  was an avant-garde painter and graphic designer, whose talent and skills illuminated everything related to the corporate image of Terras Gauda since the company was first set up. In the early 90’s, he designed company’s print ads, wine labels and promotional materials. After his death, the Board of Directors decided to set up an annual design competition, which would represent a deep respect for his work.

Mantecón always showed a special fondness for paper as a media. That’s why this advertisement has been designed as a paper collage (Mantecón’s favorite art technique).

The poster will be exhibited at the Vigo Maritime Station (Spain) in December 2013.

What do you think?

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