7 thoughts on “Antique Porcelain Marks

  1. Would like to know what does the 2nd logo from top right (crown with cross on top and the letter H)- what does it stand for? I have a china plate with this logo and would like to know year of made and authors of this plate and preferably its value.
    Thanks to whomever can answer me.


  2. Hi Emile, Thank you for your question. That logo is the Imperial coat of arms of Nicholas I – the Emperor of Russia (1825-1855). The letter “H” is actually “N” in Cyrillic alphabet. So it seems that your china plate is pretty old and rare… It has been manufactured at the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg (Russia). This factory still exists and continues to produce high quality porcelain.


  3. Many thanks for the feedback. Still would like to know an approximate appraisal value for such a plate- if feasible. I would appreciate. Anyway, thanks again for your prompt and professional reply. Respect.


  4. It’s really hard to determine a plate value by looking at the mark only. There are many other details which are also important (i.e. pattern, surface scratches, etc). I’m not an expert. That’s why I would recommend finding an appraiser who is specializing in Russian porcelain. They usually charge a fee for their services. However, if you plan to sell this plate through a big auction house, it might worth it.


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