7 Vintage Vogue Covers

Unlike today, the Vogue magazine didn’t always feature supermodels and actresses on its covers.  All vintage editions look adorable because of using handmade illustrations (I wish more modern magazines would do the same). Looking at these covers, we can notice that the Vogue logo changes in accordance with a diverse range of illustration styles. This would be impossible in today’s brand identity obsessed world…

Vogue 1920

June 1920 // Artist: Helen Dryden

Vogue 1927

February 1927 // Artist: Georges W. Plank

Vogue 1928

April 1928 // Artist: Georges Lepape

Vogue 1929

February 1929 // Artist: Eduardo Benito

Vogue 1934

July 1934 // Artist: Georges Lepape

Vogue 1947

May-June 1947 // Artist: G. Coltellacci

Vogue 1949

September 1949 // Artist: G. Coltellacci

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