Print Design Becomes Interactive

The battle Print vs. Digital is not over yet…  Within the last few years print design is going through its own revolution. New technologies in combination with designers’ creativity can make print ads and stationery more playable, useful and memorable.


1. How about turning a piece of cardboard into a constantly changing Polaroid picture? Heat-sensitive business cards by Austrian design studio Bureau Rabensteiner are just amazing.  Printed with thermo-sensitive ink, each business card allows people to literally leave their marks on it, using fingers, lips or basically anything warm.

Heat-Sensitive Business Cards

2. This toy/business card created by Brazilian designer Angelo Nogueira is totally unforgettable! It looks great on any desk, making a boring work day much more fun.

Toy Business Card

3. Do you like crosswords? Swedish designer Lasse Johansson (Lassez) offers you to test your spelling and memory skills, expand vocabulary and stimulate creative thinking.

Crossword Business Card


1. To promote its Office 365 software, Microsoft equipped a number of Forbes magazine print issues with free WiFi. The router provides users with 15 days of free internet and lasts three hours before it has to be recharged. 


2. Nivea has presented a print ad in Brazilian magazine “Veja Rio” that features a paper-thin solar panel with a plug. Now people can charge their cell phones while tanning on a beach.


Check out my board on Pinterest to see more interactive print projects.

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